Research Committee # 5

International Political Science Association /  IPSA

Annuaire 2008 des Collectivités locales (Où en est la gestion locale ? / What about local level administration management ?)

Gérard MArcou / Hellmut Wollmann (Eds)

Paris, CNRS, 2008

ISBN 978-2-271-06698-5


While focusing, in a broad scope of articles written by leading French experts, on local level public administration/management reforms in France the international section of the volume features  articles on England (John Stewart), on Germany (Sabine Kuhlmann), on Scandinavian countries (Harald Baldersheim & Morton Orgard),  on Spain (Carmen Navarro), on Hungary (Tamas Horvath) and a comparative overview article (Hellmut Wollmann)  - all in French translation.